May 2011 is National Bicycle Month!

May 2011 is National Bicycle Month and all month long there will be bicycling events around the San Jose area and all over the country. Bike to Work week is May 16-20 and Bike to Work Day is friday the 20th. San Jose Bike Party is having the second annual “Bike the Limits” ride featuring a 30, 60 and 100 mile ride around the San Jose area. Its More of a straight bicycling endurance ride compared to a regular bike party ride, it starts at 8am on May 14th. SJ Fixed always has rides going each week which are always lengthy and going into different areas around San Jose. “Sunday Streets” is going on in San Francisco on May the 9th where entire streets of  the city are blocked off for foot traffic, bicycles and any other kind of man powered locomotion without cars to get in the way! Maybe create your own cycling event this month with freinds to promote some bicycle advocacy. At SJBB we’ll be trying to hit up all the Bike Partys rides in the Bay Area and any other rides going on around San Jose and beyond.



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